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Where can I meet other people?

In almost all German cities, counties and communities, there are many opportunities for leisure activities where you can meet new people. Germany is a very culturally rich country and therefore it is home to many museums and attractions. Also in almost every city you can find a theater or an opera, and numerous events around music and art.

Those who like sports will find a wide range of regional sports clubs of ball- and dance sport or more exotic offerings such as yoga or karate. Many cultural institutions and associations offer special deals for asylum seekers or people with low incomes. Information about that can usually be found on the website.


I want to do sports.

Ich möchte Sport machen.

I want to play football/ basketball/ handball/ volleyball.

Ich möchte Fußball / Basketball / Handball / Volleyball … spielen.

What kind of sport associations are here?

Welche Sportvereine gibt es hier?

How can I apply for a sport association?

Wie kann ich einem Sportverein beitreten?

Do I have to pay for the membership in this sport association?

Kostet die Mitgliedschaft in diesem Sportverein Gebühren?

Where can I get in contact with other people in this region?

Wo kann ich in dieser Region Menschen kennenlernen?

What leisure time offers does this region have?

Welche Freizeitangebote bietet (Name des Landkreises/der Stadt)?